YouiDraw – Creating High Quality Vector Graphic Online

YouiDraw – Creating High Quality Vector Graphic Online

Hello everyone, here is YouiDraw team. is proud to introduce, this online vector drawing tools platform, there is a question, why do online tools.

We know that the vast majority of design tools available in the market are local application, first you need to download, install, configure your software, also you may have the problem for update the version. The file synchronization on the need for a large-capacity storage to synchronize all of your files, and does not necessarily guarantee real-time, you have computer crashes, hard drive corruption risks.

Here we would like to thank Google offers a large-capacity storage solutions online, as well as secure account login system, which can help us achieve the perfect online graphic design tools, making it stable and efficient operation.

YouiDraw works with Google accounts and storage system stored on google drive, ensure that you can connect to your data anytime, anywhere and edit and download them. But you can still export the vector from the cloud to the local store and use your favorite local software reprocessing.

Why do vector? As designers, a work often face a different screen size, resolution. Vector graphics can be adjusted as the size of graphics formats without distortion is the best choice. Whether mobile devices, advertising, computer, posters, cards and other design users, vector design are met.

Why social collaboration? If just a tool, it is of limited value, but human creativity is unlimited.

First, we embed the concept of crowdsourcing into our design template library, users can share work to templates repository to help other designers, of course, you also can use the work of others or find inspiration from. In the future we will allow designers to sell their share of the work, so that designers further reflect their value.

Secondly, we will introduce the concept of the design team and task, the user can initiate tasks and set commissions, designer or design team can accept the task and getting a commission on the platform. The design team can collaborate in real time with a design work, even if they are living in different places.

Finally, we will add more social elements around online apps, users can discuss and score design work, and follow designers. Design works will automatically optimize the sorting algorithm based on active. online graphic design software

Of course in the future, mobile is also a place of our work. The software itself has done a lot for the online optimization, and also achieved a lot of impressive features.

Now, let me introduce some functions:

Combination function to let multiple shapes change to one special shape, you can union, subtract, intersect, exclude, divide the shapes.

Pen Tools:
Because this is the vector graphic design, so you can edit elements by edit the path point.

Quick style from style library:
Select an element and click the Library button at the right-bottom corner of interface, then you will find hundreds of styles you can choose, just click it and apply on the selected element, you will get a wonderful style quickly!

Different Kinds of Effects:
Set shadow color and use offset, angle, blur value to change the shadow style.
Set glow color and use blur value to change the glow style.
Enable reflection for an element, use depth and offset value to change the style.
Make elements blur.

Light effect is a special filter for SVG vector graphic.

The software provide some settings let you set light effects easily.

You can find the light settings at the last in filter effect tab, just click the rect button to open light settings panel.

You can set 3 different light onto your elements to get more amazing artistic effect.

Insert SVG: If you already have a SVG file, and need to edit, add style and effects, combine with other shapes, you can import SVG into YouiDraw Drawing.

These are some of features of our online tools, Just visit to learn more about our platform.

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