Powerful Vector Graphics Design Apps on ChromeBook

Powerful Vector Graphics Design Apps on ChromeBook

With the development of cloud computing, SaaS has become mainstream form of software, users do not have to download and install the configuration software, saving bandwidth and time, users do not need to copy each other using mobile storage among different devices, users can access and use own data at anytime, anywhere, but also eliminates the developers for the user to upgrade the software version and piracy harm troubles.

ChromeBook of development, Google released in December 2010 Chrome OS, and also introduced ChromeOS based ChromeBook, now with the growing number of web apps, ChromeBook has become the choice of many users, but also became the highest-selling notebook on Amazon types.

But we did not find particularly good vector graphic design software on the ChromeBook, to help people make better use of ChromeOS, rich ChromeOS system. We decided to develop a vector-based graphic design platform, a platform based on the most advanced and widely used html5 java script technology to greatly improve the efficiency and compatibility.

We’ll take a look at youidraw in the end can do for us.

1. Template & Style

You have hundreds of different style to apply, include gradient, simple and artistic styles. Many different kinds of shapes and basic icons you can use to create your work quickly. Templates graphic will improve your work and help you to get high efficiency!

2. Many different kinds of Tools you can use, such as: Pen, Pencil, Brush, Switch elements to point edit mode, straight line, curve arc, etc,.

3. Easy create text & shapes:
Use shapes and text button create a shape into canvas: rectangle, round-corner rectangle, ellipse, convex, concave, gear.

4. Text & Shape Effects
Fill: Set color, gradient or pattern for your design;
Stroke: The Solid, Dotted, Dashed, DashDoted four types stroke;
Drop Shadow / Inner Shadow;
Outer Glow / Inner Glow;
Reflection & Blur effect;
Light Effect: 3 different light onto your shape or text to get more amazing artistic effect.

5. SVG insert & edit:
Change to edit mode, you can see some point on it, Click and drag the point to change position, or double click to change the point to curve. Use the assist point to change curve, or hold “command” or “control” key to adjust one of two assist point.

6. Transform:
Change Size, Position, Scale, Skew and Rotate for your shape or text.
Align for multiple shapes at once.
Adjust order for shapes, take it forward or backward, to top or bottom.

7. Shape combine
Five different combine mode: Union / Subtract / Intersect / Exclude / Divide

8. Share and Download
Export your design to SVG, PNG, JPG, etc,. Share to our template library to get high rank and followers. Share your design and use it for 100% free.

These are some of features of our online tools, Just visit www.youidraw.com to learn more about our platform.

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