Release Notes

2015.4.18 1.add login with email function. 2.project file can save to youidraw drive. 2015.3.19 1.fix a bug of can’t export multi-layer SVG file. 2.change drive icon. 2015.2.11 multiple nodes when press shift key, support arrow key select(up,down..) 2.fix node layer change bug when group/ungroup,union/subtract. 2015.1.27 1.fix maximum is 100(up to 1000) files when show […]

Keyboard shortcuts

Delete: “Delete” MAC OS X Return: “Crop” Shift+Command+Z: “Redo” Command+Z: “Undo” Command+C: “Copy” Command+V: “Paste” Command+X: “Cut” Command+A: “Select All” Command+S: “Save” Windows / Chrome OS Enter: “Crop” Control+Z: “Undo” Control+Y: “Redo” Control+C: “Copy” Control+V: “Paste” Control+X: “Cut” Control+A: “Select All” Control+S: “Save“

Upgrade to Premium Account

Sometimes, the free version may had some limitation, you need to upgrade to premium account to enable this function. 1. Visit our website homepage: 2. You can find a “PRICING” link on the main menu, click it to visit Pricing List page. 3. You can subscribe our monthly or yearly plan to get unlimited function. (You can […]

Save and Download your work

Click the file menu button, then you can choose “Save” option to export your work to an image, and download it. PS: Some browser will open your image in a new tab, you can right-click on it and choose “save image as…”

Color Settings

Set fill color and border color for shapes and texts, also can use gradient or pattern. 1. Click the color button on the left toolbox. 2. Choose what type fill color you want use by the 3 tabs, then set it easily. 3. The first color for fill, and the second color for border.

Add text

1. Click Text tool  on the left toolbox. 2. Choose font, size, opacity and border size on the top properties. 3. Choose color by color settings. 4. Click mouse on canvas, and type your text into the text editor.

Insert Image

1. Click insert image button  on the left toolbox. 2. Choose an image from your local drive. 3. Click mouse on the canvas, then you can add it, use the manipulator to adjust the size.

Add Shapes

1. Click Shape tools  on the left toolbox. 2. Choose a sheep type from the shape list, you can add rectangle, round-rectangle, circle, convex, concave and gear shape quickly. 3. Choose color style by color settings, then click and drag your mouse on the canvas.


Erase all thing that the eraser through. 1. Click Eraser tools  on the left toolbox. 2. Click and drag your mouse on the canvas.


Use a color, gradient or a pattern fill into a selected area. 1. Select an area by select tools . 2. Choose a color, gradient or pattern by color settings. 3. Click Bucket tools on left toolbox, and click your mouse onto the area you selected.