Choose kinds of brush, set size and space of brush then paint. 1. Click Brush button  on the left toolbox. 2. Choose a brush type from the brush list, and set size, space, opacity. Choose a color you want to use by color settings. 3. Click and drag your mouse on canvas.


1. Click the Pencil button  on the left toolbox. 2. Choose one of 7 styles in type list and set the size, opacity and other option to paint. 3. Global Path: Connect with other path before you did this. 4. Random Color: use random color without the color you set. Plain(Random Color):           […]


1. Click select button  on the left toolbox. 2. Drag your mouse to select an area. 3. Drag the area to move the selected area or right click on it to copy, cut, delete, crop it.

Open source components

Thanks the Logo idea from Dribbble user Mike Smith (Guerrilla). jQuery dropdown: Copyright 2013 Cory LaViska, LLC. Licensed under the MIT. Free SVG Package Licensed under the GPL / CC BY 3.0 Purchased Commercial License SVG from & Pricing Table Copyright (c) 2013 Thibaut Courouble. Licensed under the MIT. provided few ideas for […]

The YouiDraw Painter interface

1. File Button 2. Top Tools Properties 3. Left Toolbox 4. Canvas Workspace   • File Button:  Let you NEW, OPEN, SAVE a project, clear your canvas or change the project size, and undo, redo your steps. • Left Toolbox:  Use select tools to copy, cut or delete a area that you selected.  Use pencil […]

System Requirements

Minimum: Operating System: Windows XP / Mac OS X 10.6 / Linux / Chrome OS Browser: Chrome 35 / FireFox 30 / Safari 8 Memory: 1 GB RAM Screen Resolution: 1280*800 Internet Connection: Required for initial use, updates, data sync, login and for help access. Language: English   Recommended: Operating System: Windows 7+ / Mac OS X 10.7 + / […]

What is the YouiDraw Painter

With Painter you’ll find many tools you need to unlock new artistic possibilities. Work with dozens of customizable brushes, paper textures that look and feel just like the real thing!