The YouiDraw Logo Creator interface

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1. File Button 2. Top Function Area 3. Shape and Template library 4. Canvas Workspace
5. Elements list 6. Shape, Color, Effects Properties 7. Style Library


• File Button:

Screenshot 2014-09-29 15.52.28 Let you NEW, OPEN, SAVE a project, or export your project to SVG/PDF/PNG/JPG.

• Top Function Area:

Screenshot 2014-09-26 12.20.32  Undo and Redo the your work steps.
Add rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, circle, convex, concave and gear shapes.
Screenshot 2014-09-29 15.41.48
Screenshot 2014-09-29 15.43.04  Pen tools let you add point to draw line and curve and create a special shape as you want.
Screenshot 2014-09-29 15.53.06  Add a text on canvas workplace.
Screenshot 2014-09-29 15.54.17  Import text path with local fonts by “text path” button on toolbar.
Screenshot 2014-09-29 15.54.46  Switch elements to edit mode, then you can edit the point to change the shape and path.
Screenshot 2014-09-26 12.22.25  Use combination tools to let multiple shapes change to a special shape, you can union, subtract, intersect, exclude, divide the shapes.
Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.24.19  Show the grid to help you work easier and enable snap to grid function.
Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.26.40  Fullscreen your canvas workspace and preview your design.
Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.27.08  Export and download your work to SVG / PNG / JPG / PDF …
Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.28.17  Log in or Sign out with Google Drive or Dropbox account.
Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.28.50  Show/Hide tips and get more help on user guide.

• Shape and Template library:

Shape Library
Hundreds of shapes and basic icons you can use to create your work quickly.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.12.35 Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.12.49

Template Library
Many different kinds elements templates you can use to create your work quickly, it will improve your work and help you to get high efficiency.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.15.14 Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.15.34 Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.16.16 Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.16.32 Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.16.46

• Canvas Workspace:

In the center of the YouiDraw Logo Creator interface is the workspace. This workspace shows your vector shapes, text, and other elements visually, just as they will be displayed as they will appear in a browser.

Screenshot 2014-09-26 14.17.52

• Elements List:

At the bottom of YouiDraw Logo Creator interface is the elements list. This area you can select elements and drag to adjust they orders.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.19.09

• Properties

Basic properties:
Set shapes special parameter and basic style, such as fill color, gradient, pattern, and stroke size, style etc,.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.30.16

Text properties:
Choose fonts, text size, set bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, etc,.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.56.34

Transform, Arrange, Flip and order adjust:
Set elements position, width, height, rotate, skew, arrange multiple elements, and change the order for selected elements.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.57.20

Filter Effects:
Set opacity and set Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Reflection, Blur and Light filter effects.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.59.01

Project settings:
Set the size of canvas, and set background fill color, gradient or pattern.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 16.59.36

• Style Library

You can find and open library at the right-bottom corner of YouiDraw Logo Creator interface. You have hundreds of different style to apply, include gradient, simple and artistic styles.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 17.00.18 Screenshot 2014-09-29 17.00.34 Screenshot 2014-09-29 17.01.03

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