Adjust Elements and choose a Style

1. Adjust elements by move, rotate, scale, skew tools:

Select an element, then click these tools Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.37.52 Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.38.36 in the left toolbox, then you can click and drag mouse on canvas to adjust this selected element.

2. You also can adjust elements by using Transform settings in Properties tab:

Screenshot 2014-09-26 14.25.34
Select an element, then switch to Transform settings under Properties tab, then you can change the position, width, height, skew and rotate just by an exact value.

3. Choose a quick style from style library:

Screenshot 2014-09-26 14.31.24
Select an element and click the Library button at the right-bottom corner of interface, then you will find hundreds of styles you can choose, just click it and apply on the selected element, you will get a wonderful style quickly!

Screenshot 2014-09-26 16.34.31

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