Add Text

Add a text on canvas workplace.

1. Click text tool Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.52.53 in the left toolbox.
2. Click mouse on the canvas, you will get a default text. Screenshot 2014-09-28 12.08.45
3. Choose a font from the font list in the text properties settings. Screenshot 2014-09-28 12.11.02

Screenshot 2014-09-28 12.10.41
4. We can choose text size, set bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and change text align, line space and letter space in text settings.

Screenshot 2014-09-28 12.13.19 Screenshot 2014-09-28 12.14.26  Screenshot 2014-09-28 12.15.13

5. Finally, we also can use basic style settings or just choose a style to get change.

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